Fixing a mistake backup

So back in February I had a computer processor fail (ryzen 5, couldn’t believe it, thought it had to be the motherboard or something, but it was the actual CPU, and that’s another story.) I think I dumped a copy of the computer hard drive to my NAS where it was backed up again to a separate bucket… significantly increasing my B2 storage.

Sure enough I found a big bump on March 6 in the check files for my NAS:

The questions:
Can I just go delete that one revision 5634 without disrupting anything else that happened afterwards?
Will that remove the extra 263GB that got backed up with that revision?
Will I need to clear the duplicacy cache or anything after that?

Thank you

It looks like you quickly deleted said files shortly afterwards, so in your particular case, pruning 5634 should have the desired effect - i.e. 256GB-ish freed.

Subsequent revisions don’t feature the files, so you won’t have to prune them also, in order to release space.

Shouldn’t be necessary to touch the cache if you prune the revision in the normal way, although remember, Duplicacy pruning is done in two steps - collection, a backup, then deletion, on a second pass - so be patient. :slight_smile:

Thank you!
I had some issues with a previous backup “fix” where I deleted the most recent revisions. In that case, it appears duplicacy reused the revision numbers and then I started getting some errors. In that case I had to delete the cache to fix it…

Ah yea, that’s a consideration, although shouldn’t be if you’re using the prune -r 5634 method or, if deleting manually, so long as you’re not deleting the most recent revision(s).

Thanks, this seemed to work perfectly.
I used -exhaustive -exclusive for instant deletion satisfaction, after making sure all backups on all devices was disabled.