GDrive - Failed to retrieve storage information

Have looked all over the forums, cannot find anyone reporting this issue.

Seems when you add Google Drive Storage (Process to obtain Keyfile was ok).

You will choose your desired folder, it will run a process then fail with “Failed to retrieve storage information”

29 Days of 30 Days of Trial left and im sadly off to a bad start. in the hopes this will replace Duplicatti.

Thanks Kindly.

Was there an error following the “Failed to retrieve storage information” text?

Hi Gchen

Sadly, that was the only error, of which i get consistently no matter the folder i choose within Google Drive. the moment it go to do its checks i get hit with that Warning…

This will then not allow the process to continue.

Thanks Kindly.

Can you post here the error messages in the log file (~/.duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log)?


Unusual thing happening here, quit Duplicacy and Delete my log file to create you a fresh one with less noise and and then started it back up and the Storage has added fine now.

Been broken for 5 days but now its working.


Thanks Kindly.