GitHub issues disabled earlier this year

It looks like GitHub issues were disabled on the Duplicacy GitHub repo sometime between April and July this year (2021). I noticed this while checking back on a bug to see if I still needed to continue to use a workaround or if it had been fixed.

I searched through the repo README, on the duplicacy . com website and here in the forums but don’t see any mention of the disabling of issues, or where one is meant to report or track bugs now.

Gilbert, if the intent is to prevent opening new issues (I’m guessing here, but as a maintainer of open source software I’m familiar with the challenges of getting low quality issues), would it be possible to, instead of disabling GitHub issues, re-enable GitHub issues and instead create a 6 month interaction limit constraining rights to open issues and PRs to either repository collaborators or prior contributors?

This would prevent new issues from coming in (except ones you open) and new comments on existing issues, while at the same time preserving the existing issue record which, as a user of duplicacy, I find very useful when trying to determine if a duplicacy behavior is expected, a known bug, a bug fixed in a newer version, etc.

All it would mean if you want to keep issues disabled is to come in 2 times a year and re-enable the interaction limit.

Can I also recommend adding something either to the README or duplicacy . com instructing what users should do if they find a bug? Maybe it’s to report it here in the forums?

(I’m a long time user of duplicacy but a new user here in the forums (all my previous interactions have been through PRs and issues). As a result I can’t post more than 1 link in my forum post so here’s a copy of my post here but with the links present : )

I found this issue on the Internet Archive that gives some clues about the GitHub issues being disabled. It looks like all of the issues were moved to the forum, though I’m not sure where to find them

There is a handful of people watching the Github Issues and we are in the process of moving all of them to the forum as well.

Anyone have a link to something here in the forum with some more details on how to find the issues in the forum?

I just wanted to set all issues to be read-only but there isn’t such an option. Per your suggestion I now re-enable issues and created a 6-month ‘prior contributors’ limit, which means only prior contributors can open new issues there.

Importing github issues to this forum was discussed but it never happened.

Gilbert, that’s great, thank you so much. You may want to add a calendar reminder for 6 months out to re-enable the limit (so that it doesn’t auto-re-enable in March 2022.