Global email config

Why do we still have to re-enter our mail server config for every individual scheduled job? We should be able to do it once in a general config screen then select whether or not to send a mail (and under what conditions; I only want a notification if there’s a problem!) for each scheduled job. This is like, basic backup software stuff.

Duplicacy seems to be quite good from a functional point of view, but the UI is really sub-par. I was hoping that by migrating from the GUI version to the Web version some of the missing basic features would have been added, but no, if anything it’s worse.


Currently there isn’t a global email config, but if you have many schedules you can just manually edit ./duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json and copy/paste the email config to save some work.

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Hi there
coming back to that issue - is there any way to influence priority of work on the roadmap to speed up things like e.g. the global email settings.

Thanks, Urmel

PS: we are a paying commercial license holder