Google Drive Service Account

I’ve looked all around but didn’t see anything that answered my question. I’m having trouble setting up service account access to gcd.

I’ve got Duplicacy web on my server and I thought I’d just use CLI on my desktop but backup to the same location to take advantage of de-duplication.

I didn’t use a service account for Duplicacy web, just used the gdc-token.json which set up fine and I have one successful backup with that.

On my desktop I’m trying to init the same path (gcd://backup) but I get this error when I call out the service account credential file:

Failed to load the Google Drive storage at gcd://backup: open “C:\Users\Doni\Documents\storage-279602-7e867bcaa8d5.json”: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

So I figured maybe it was an issue with using the same location as an existing backup so I tried a completely separate directory (gcd://test) but I got the same result.

I did share these directories in Google Drive with the service account email.

Ideas on where I’m going wrong?

Edit: Oh, should include exactly what I’m running:

duplicacy init -e -storage-name gcd gaming_d gcd://backup

How did you pass the json file path to the CLI? The path looks good to me other than the double quotes, but I don’t know if go added the double quotes.

Oh my god… It was the quotes!

I like to Shift + Right-Click and then use “Copy as path” in Windows Explorer and it puts double quotes in by default. I do sometimes have spaces in paths so it’s usually warranted.

I do quite a lot of PowerShell scripting and double quotes usually aren’t a problem and are in fact required if paths have a space but also acceptable if it doesn’t. Thought that applied here but I guess not.

init working now.