Google Shared Drives

I’ve searched a bit on this topic and from what I have gathered is that the google drive integration only works on the personal “My Drive” section of google drive. I’m wondering if in the future it would be possible to allow the use uploading to the “Shared Drive” section of google drive? In a professional environment It is nice to be able to backup to these shared folders.

While google drive does have its 750GB daily upload limit, I still think of it as a good option for secondary backups, away from your usual hosting providers.

A possibility could be that instead of referencing the root folder within the gcd:// url, we could over-ride that and reference the actual google drive folder id.


It is unclear to me how you can access a shared drive via those API calls. It should be an easy change, but at this time I can’t find anything relevant in the API doc.

I agree, the documentation is sparse on Google’s side for this.

It looks like two things need to happen. One of them is enabling the supportsAllDrives Boolean to true. But it looks like the v3 api is already going to assume that supportsAllDrives is available and this may not be needed.

Edit: It looks like supportsAllDrives must still be used, up until June 2020. Which at that point they will assume everyone supports that functionality.

So if I’m reading this correctly, this should just be a matter of including driveId within the metadata for the file upload.

Please refer to this page for that driveId reference.

Thanks for getting back to me.