Great portability! (aka. Jump-starting a backup)



Really appreciating Duplicacy’s portability features to “jump-start” a backup by uploading the initial backup from a faster connection. I’ve done it two ways and both worked flawlessly:

  1. Declare the storage on an external drive and run the initial Duplicacy backup, then rclone the storage to the cloud from the faster connection (at work).After uploading from work, I just manually edited the “preferences” file on my home computer to point to the cloud bucket.
  2. Sync my files to an external drive, then declare the external drive location as a repository from my work computer and use Duplicacy to transfer to the cloud. Afterwards I just initialized a “new” repository on the original file system and set its storage to the preloaded cloud location.

Either way, the subsequent incrementals worked without a hitch. This really has expanded the possibilities for what/how much I can back to cloud.

Also really appreciating the open source as well as the work put in by community members here to flesh out the documentation and support. Hope to be able to return the favor soon, too.