GUI for browsing backups --- still no in 2023?

Is there still no GUI for browsing/restoring backups?

Duplicacy Web Edition no need licences if you only want browse backup and restore files. You need one only if you want to do backups.

I know, but I mean a REAL backup explorer, not that thing. I mean, it exists and it’s better than nothing, but there’s no way to just “browse” the contents of files and see if the revision you are on is actually what you’re looking for.

There is a working PR with implementation of mounting of the whole storage as a FUSE filesystem, you may want to try it out.

I did see that in the popular posts, but it is certainly brand new and experimental and I’m not quite brave enough to use it on any real backups yet with any kind of write access to the storage available. I’m mostly just trying to emphasize to everyone that this would be a killer feature to actually have working!

Mount doesn’t do any writing to storage, it is strictly read-only. I use it and it works great, for what it’s worth.

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From Jan 2021: