GUI Log error during backup



I am using the GUI version of Duplicacy and successfully backed up my laptop files. I was trying to back up a folder on my NAS (using my laptop though wifi network) which seemed like it may have worked but the log displayed the following:

Failed to cache the file snapshots/repository-ID /2: open \“path” /.duplicacy/cache/gui3/snapshots/repository-id /2.psizowsd.tmp: The system cannot find the path specified.

Is that anything to worry about in terms of the backup working?



There’s nothing to worry about.

That cache file is used by duplicacy to speedup itself, but nothing more.

If you want to check for errors you should try to run the check command.

I’m not sure how to do that in the GUI, but using the CLI (the gui is just a wrapper to the cli anyway) to run the check command would go along the lines
duplicacy.exe -log -d check -all
and wait (quite a while depending on the size of your backups and internet speed) for it’s result.