GUI won't run post-scripts

I’m running the GUI version on Windows 10, and I’m trying to set up some post scripts, but they do not seem to be running. I saw a threat elsewhere that said that you should set them up just like you do for the CLI version, so I have put a “post-backup.bat” in c:\Users\Me.duplicacy-web\scripts as well as c:\Users\Me.duplicacy\scripts, which didn’t exist, just to test that. None of them seem to be working.

Am I missing a step here? If not, is there a way to see some debug logs to figure out what might be going wrong?

For the web GUI, the right path for post-backup.bat is ~/.duplicacy-web/repository/localhost/{0,1,2,...}/.duplicacy/scripts.

Ah, that makes sense! Thanks, I got it working now.

I’m also running the GUI version on windows 10 and Ubuntu.
My use case is that I want to ping a healthcheck service after each scheduled backup (which includes multiple jobs).
I have a post-check script which works fine under ./duplicacy-web/repository/localhost/all/.duplicacy/scripts however an identical post-backup script in the same folder does not run. I’d rather not duplicate many scripts folders over every configured backup and just have the same thing for all of them.

For backup jobs, the right place to put the scripts is ~/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/{1,2,...}/.duplicacy/scripts. ~/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/all is used for all other jobs.

I understand, and got that working, however i’d rather only have one ping at the end if the whole scheduled backup was successful. Otherwise I have to have an individual healthcheck for every single backup job in order to check if they were all healthy.
If i didn’t have individual health-checks, If one backup failed and the others succeeded, then I’d never get notified. I don’t care which one failed, i just care if ANY failed (and then i’d take a look at the dashboard)

It’s definitely possible for me to configure all this but i’d rather not set up a seperate healthcheck script to wait for a ping on success from each backup job and then once all (N pings) were received, send a ping to the healthcheck service I use.