:d: Duplicacy-Web ad-hoc FAQ

There will be a proper topic for :d: web, but currently we’re just collecting the questions and this ad-hoc post should do for now.

I forgot the master password. How can I reset it?

First edit ~/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json to remove the encryption_data key. Then remove all storages. Then recreate storages with the same names. Backups and schedules shouldn’t be affected.

Any way to remove the administration password once set?

You can edit ~/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json to remove the administration_token key.

Configure number of threads in web-ui


Will the web version import backup jobs and settings from the GUI version?

No, settings will not be imported from the GUI version.
You only need to set them up again once, as the storage is 100% compatible between all :d: versions (web, gui and cli) and you can resume backup jobs as if nothing was changed. All you have to do is point to your existing repository, use the same repository ID, point to the same storage and you’re finished.

See: Web-ui on Debian

Fixed chunk sizes (eg. for backing up Virtual Machines)

The Web UI doesn’t support creating a fixed-size chunk storage yet. For now, you can use the CLI to create such a storage and then add it in the Web UI.

See Set up fixed chunk sizes with Web UI

Disable autoupdate of CLI engine

How to run post-script

See GUI won't run post-scripts

Access the web interface remotely


Could you add “How to upgrade the web-ui?” A partial answer is at Upgrade instructions for Linux, but it makes a lot of assumptions.

Edit: Here is what I came up with: