How to access the duplicacy web-interface remotely



By default, the #web-ui is only accessible locally, i.e. on from the same computer where duplicacy_web is running ( If you are running duplicacy on a home server or NAS, you’ll probably also want to access it from other computers in your network. But as you will notice, accessing for example <server_ip>:3875/dashboard will give you a connection refused error.

To fix this, do this:

(In my case, I had to create the ~/.duplicacy-web/settings.json from scratch, i.e. a file just containing the above code.)

If you are wondering what the difference is between listening on and listening on is check out this. In a nutshell: listens on all IP addresses of your computer, not just

Please note that I’m not an export in server- or network administration and I assume that listening on all IP addresses may not be a good idea on a server exposed to the internet, so I recommend you only use this solution in your home network or if you know what you are doing. If the latter applies to you, please feel free to edit this post with further advice. (My guess is that the safe method for headless machines is to use "listening_address": "<server_ip>:8080")