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Pre Command and Post Command Scripts

You can instruct Duplicacy to run a script before or after executing a command. For example, if you create a bash script with the name pre-prune under the .duplicacy/scripts directory, this bash script will be run befor…

6 May 28, 2020
Prune command details

The prune command has the task of deleting old/unwanted revisions and unused chunks from a storage. Click here for a list of related forum topics. Quick overview NAME: duplicacy prune - Prune revisions by number, …

16 May 18, 2020
Supported storage backends

Duplicacy currently supports local file storage, SFTP, WebDav and many cloud storage providers. Local disk Storage URL: /path/to/storage (on Linux or Mac OS X) C:\path\to\storage (on Windows) SFTP Storage URL: sftp:…

23 May 19, 2020
Duplicacy User Guide

Getting started Duplicacy licenses (free and paid) Download Duplicacy or Build Duplicacy from source Quick Start tutorial (Web-UI version) Quick Start tutorial (CLI version) Quick Start tutorial (GUI version) Suppor…

11 May 6, 2020
Restore command details

SYNOPSIS: duplicacy restore - Restore the repository to a previously saved snapshot USAGE: duplicacy restore [command options] [--] [pattern] ... OPTIONS: -r <revision> the revision number of the sn…

9 April 18, 2020
Cat command details

The cat command prints to stdout a file or the entire snapshot content if no file is specified. Click here for a list of related forum topics. Quick overview NAME: duplicacy cat - Print to stdout the specified fil…

3 March 4, 2020
Init command details

SYNOPSIS: duplicacy init - Initialize the storage if necessary and the current directory as the repository USAGE: duplicacy init [command options] <snapshot id> <storage url> OPTIONS: -encrypt, -e …

6 March 12, 2020
History command details

SYNOPSIS: duplicacy history - Show the history of a file USAGE: duplicacy history [command options] <file> OPTIONS: -id <snapshot id> find the file in the snapshot with the specified id -r <revision> …

6 January 7, 2020
Backup command details

The backup command creates a snapshot of the repository and uploads it to the storage. Click here for a list of related forum topics. Quick overview NAME: duplicacy backup - Save a snapshot of the repository to th…

3 October 17, 2019
Copy command details

SYNOPSIS: duplicacy copy - Copy snapshots between compatible storages USAGE: duplicacy copy [command options] OPTIONS: -id <snapshot id> copy snapshots with the specified id instead of all snapshot …

3 March 14, 2019
Chunk size details

Duplicacy adopts a unique pack-and-split method to split files into chunks. First, all files to be backed up are packed together, in an alphabetical order, as if it were building an imaginary tar file. Of course, this …

2 August 25, 2018
Benchmark command details

The benchmark command is used to test the upload and download speeds for a specific storage and disk access speeds for your repositories. Click here for a list of related forum topics. Quick overview NAME: duplicacy…

3 October 8, 2018
Set command details

SYNOPSIS: duplicacy set - Change the options for the default or specified storage USAGE: duplicacy set [command options] OPTIONS: -encrypt, e[=true] encrypt the storage with a password -no-backup[…

3 September 27, 2018
Global options details

These options apply to all duplicacy commands and must be placed before any command Quick overview -verbose, -v show more detailed information -debug, -d show even more detailed…

2 August 24, 2018
Password command details

The password command decrypts the storage configuration file (config) using the old password, and re-encrypts the file using a new password. It does not change all the encryption keys used to encrypt and decrypt chunk…

2 August 24, 2018
Duplicacy quick-start (CLI)

Note that these instructions are for the CLI version. To get started with the GUI version, click here. Once you have the Duplicacy executable on your path, you can change to the directory that you want to back up (call…

2 August 24, 2018
List command details

SYNOPSIS: duplicacy list - List snapshots USAGE: duplicacy list [command options] OPTIONS: -all, -a list snapshots with any id -id <snapshot id> list snapshots with the specifie…

2 August 24, 2018
Diff command details

The diff command compares the same file in two different snapshots if a file is given, otherwise compares the two snapshots. Click here for a list of related forum topics. Quick overview NAME: duplicacy diff - Com…

2 August 25, 2018
Check command details

SYNOPSIS: duplicacy check - Check the integrity of snapshots USAGE: duplicacy check [command options] OPTIONS: -all, -a check snapshots with any id -id <snapshot id> check snapshots w…

2 August 25, 2018
Add command details

The add command connects another storage to the current repository. Like the init command, if the storage has not been initialized before a storage configuration file derived from the command line options will be crea…

2 August 25, 2018
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