Unable to connect to web ui version


I have downloaded duplicacy_web_linux_arm_0.2.10 to be used on Debian Stretch ARM64 which also runs Openmediavault 4.

When I execute the file, the following happens:

$ ./duplicacy_web_linux_arm_0.2.10 
Downloading the CLI executable from 
Duplicacy CLI 2.1.2
Duplicacy Web Edition Beta 0.2.10 (5771BE)
Starting the web server at

However, this (duplicacy web ui arm executable) is run on the OMV device, not my desktop or laptop. This Openmediavault device is So, when connecting say from my laptop ( to the OMV/Duplicacy web ui, the connection is refused. I am assuming for port 3875?

Is there some way to connect to Duplicacy web ui from my laptop/desktop? Thank you.


See this #how-to :