Set up fixed chunk sizes with Web UI


I want to backup my Virtual Machines. Before the Web UI, I used the old GUI and CLI. I used the CLI to initiate a storage with fixed min, max, average chunks sizes of 1MB as recommended here in the forum. With the old GUI, I would then select the initiated repository and then a manage my backups, restores, and prunes with the old GUI. It worked well. I especially liked using the old GUI in the restore process.

Now with the new Web UI, I understand from this forum it is not possible to import repositories initial with the CLI. I tried to set up a storage and backup with the Web UI using fixed chunks sizes but could not see how or where to put in the parameters.

So my Question: How do I set up a storage and backup with fixed chunks sizes with the WEB UI (or import CLI initiated settings) so I can back up my Virtual machines.

Win10 Pro x64, backup to local storage external drive.


The new Web UI won’t import settings from the repositories but it doesn’t mean you can’t (quite quickly) set them up again - with the same repository localtion, repository IDs and filters etc… Basically, you can reuse your existing fixed-size chunk storage for VMs.

Or, if you want to set up a new storage, use the CLI - specifying your chunk size parameters - and once that’s set up, the Web UI can be configured to use the same repository and storage for it.

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The Web UI doesn’t support creating a fixed-size chunk storage yet. For now, you can use the CLI to create such a storage and then add it in the Web UI.

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Thank you both for you answers
I set it up as suggested with CLI and have it now in the Web UI.

I set the fixed chunks with 1M, but I noticed that most the chunks sizes are less then 1M. None are larger then 1M and some are equal to 1M. I would have thougth that that nearly all the chunks should be equal to 1M.

How can I check that the configuration is correct. As it is encrypted I can not read the contents, and the duplicacy check and list commands only seem to check the files or chunks and not the configuration.


The chunking algorithm will chop up the source files into 1M chunks THEN compress and encrypt that data - that’s why you end up with smaller resulting chunks.

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