Configure number of threads in web-ui

I’m looking for a way to configure the amount of threads for a backup job any ideas how ?


Under the Schedule section, under a schedule, there are generally one or more jobs. On the line of the backup job where you want to configure the number of threads, click on the text under the column options. By default, it is empty so it is a “-”.

A pop-up will appear. There, you can specify any of the arguments listed under the documentation (including “-threads” argument) for the backup command.

To configure the number of threads, you would type “-threads x”, where “x” is the number of threads you want. For example, if you wanted eight threads, you would use “-threads 8”. Then hit “OK” to apply your settings.

You’ve successfully configured the number of threads for your backup job!

(Incidentally, putting the Schedule section aside, under the Backup section, the -threads argument as well as any other argument can be applied to individual non-scheduled backups, too, by selecting the options there.)

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Hmmm… I too am looking for how to configure options in a backup… the little dash (-) mentioned here is not clickable for me… tried a couple browsers on the mac.

Any ideas?

Looks like the dashes just became clickable… ?? So disregard previous post :slight_smile:

One can also set threads in Backup-section. Do the scheduled jobs run the backup jobs with the options defined in Backup-section or do I need to define the threads in Schedule-section?