Guide Instructions for Linux Need to be Updated

The instruction page ‘Duplicacy User Guide’ gives the following instruction to Linux users under Installation section:

“On Linux, Duplicacy Web Edition is provided as executables and no installation is required. You may move the downloaded executable to a directory pointed to by the environment variable PATH and rename it to a short name (such as dwe ) for quick typing.

However, if one does actually rename the actual executable to “dwe”, Duplicacy will fail immediately with the following error:
“Failed to load the configuration file: open /[directory]/dwe-config.json: no such file or directory”

Others have been tripped up by this instruction as well (see: Failed to load the configuration file: open /root/dw-config.json: no such file or directory).

I would suggest changing the language on the guide.html page to indicate the user can rename it as long as it has prefix of ‘dupliacy_’ else they can create an symlink etc.


I’ve fixed it. Thank you for the catch.

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No problem. Thank you for updating so quickly!

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