Having trouble with lifetime license

So, I’m running GUI 2.1.2 on Windows. My license expired, so I came here and renewed it with a lifetime license!

I can see my license on the customer page, with an activation code and “lifetime” for the duration, but when I attempt to enter the activation code into the GUI (having removed the old license info) it says that my license has already expired.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

It looks like there was a bug in the license server where lifetime licenses weren’t handled properly. I’ve fixed it. Can you try again?

I would also suggest upgrading to the new web GUI – the native GUI has been deprecated and is using an old CLI version.

Fixed and working! I will definitely migrate to the web GUI, but wanted to make sure my license issues were sorted out before adding additional confounding variables.

Thanks for your quick response!

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I’m also suffering from a similar issue. I’m using the Windows Web GUI v1.4.1.
Yesterday I’ve upgraded my newly bought 1 year personal license to lifetime license. While on the license page it is displayed as lifetime, the Web UI still shows that it will expire in 2021.

I even tried completely uninstalling the application, and deleting the data folder (c:\ProgramData.duplicacy-web) and reactivating it.


My expiration date didn’t update either.
Still showing the old date.
But we have until 2023 to sort it out. :rofl:
(entering the code again didn’t work)

I’ve fixed this on the server side. Now if you enter your code to activate the license again you should see a new expiration date that is 10 years from now which is simply a placeholder. When the web GUI gets updated it will show the proper status.


Thank you, it’s working as you described.

I’m in a similar situation, having extended my license duration, but still seeing the old license expiration date on my installation. So does this mean that my installation will NOT pull the new expiration date from the license server by itself and that I need to reenter the same license code again in order to force it to do that?

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