Help finding old backup using web version

I made a backup to google cloud using the old windows GUI version. When I set up GCS on the old GUI version, I made a bucket name but left the directory field blank. Now when trying to use the web version, I enter the token file and bucket name but it is forcing me to pick a directory and not leave directory blank. When I click the folder icon my options are the config file, chunks/ and snapshots/. I think because I saved my backup in the root folder on GCS I’m having trouble finding it?

Thanks for the help!

wild idea here: can’t you create the (any name) folder manually, and then move the :d: folders and config file inside that folder?

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That worked, thanks. I didn’t know how to move folders in GCS. If anyone comes across this, you need to make a new folder in the google cloud bucket. Then open up the cloud shell (top right corner of google cloud console) and use this command: gsutil -m mv gs://my-bucket-name/folderToMove gs://my-bucket-name/NewFolder/folderToMove


Another way, which might be simpler, is to edit the storage url in ./duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json to remove the directory.