Help With Filters

Hi there!
I’m coming back for duplicacy. While the tick system for choosing folders is not released I want to confirm my filter settings based on my needs here, can anyone help?

From the guides and posts I’v read here, there is a bug in the filters for web gui, that I must add a * to include files inside a folder.
Based on that and my needs, I want to know if the filters that I’v setup are correct.

I have attached a screenshot with my hypothetical backup scheme and i’m using these filters:

-!0/* (a folder inside +folder_2/ that I don’t want to backup)
+folder_2/* (this is the second main folder, inside !folder/)
-!0/* (a folder inside folder_1/ that I don’t want to backup)
+folder_1/* (this is the main folder, inside !folder/)
+!folder/ (this is the parent folder)
-* (the volume has other folders that I don’t want to be backed up)

If i got something wrong please help me. I’v read every filter guide thread here.

You need to specify the full path relative to the repository root:


Thank you!

It seems to be working. If I need more help I will come back.
Still waiting for that simpler Tick System. Then I can start spreading the word for normal users :slight_smile:

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Hi again!

As I can’t know which files are beeing uploaded, and it’s around 900gb of data, I don’t want to upload everything and see something wen’t wrong…
This is my current setup, is it right?


Add the -dry-run option to the backup job before running it to confirm what would be uploaded, without actually uploading anything.

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Will try. :slight_smile: