Help with prune and deleting revisions

Hi, looking for a bit of help please.

I currently schedule a backup, check and prune daily, but having issues where it seems old revisions aren’t deleting.

Reading through the prune help pages and various other posts, I think my settings are correct:

-keep 0:14 -keep 7:7 -keep 1:1

Which should translate to:

-keep 0:14   # Is snapshot older that 14 days? Yes keep 0 revision
-keep 7:7    # Is snapshot older that 7 days? Yes keep 1 revision every 7 days
-keep 1:1    # Is snapshot older that 1 day? Yes keep 1 revision every day

However when looking at previous revisions, there are several older than 14 days and would expect for them to be deleted? (ignore the dates as was testing a different backup frequency previously)

There’s nothing obvious in the container logs to indicate anythings gone wrong with the prune. Can post logs if needed.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

For info, I’m running the saspus/duplicacy-web container, so using the web-ui version of Duplicacy.

Prune schedule screen shot for info:

Also just to add in case its relevant, using Backblaze B2 with lifecycle settings of ‘Keep only the last version of the file’. Which I beleive whats recommended.

You are missing -a flag. (Or -id flag, if you want to prune a specific snapshot id only)

Well, I feel stupid! Yes that works, thanks.

Appreciate the reply :slight_smile:

You should not :slight_smile: I have also spent on this way more time than I’m willing to admit :). WebUI or duplciacy shall warn about these things – if some of the parameters passed result in no effect.