Host Key Error (Unraid)

Hey guys getting “Failed to create the sftp client: ssh: handshake failed: The host key for ‘’ has changed”

where do i find the known_hosts file for unraid? i see a few under cache but i cannot change them.

any help would be much appreciated.

Open the docker console. You should find that file under /cache/localhost/*/.duplicacy.

tried that, found the file, edited it, still same. even deleted the file, thought it would recreate it. still doesn’t work. am i missing something, probably?

ok figured this out. in case someone sees this in the future. the file that i had to edit was /cache/localhost/all/.duplicacy/known_hosts. the only reason i saw this was i happened to look at the duplicacy logs. after i edited the file i got an error about the file still being open. just restarted the docker and it worked right away.

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