Host name - license issue

I have multiple licenses. On the LICENSE webpage, I have one computer named “Mac mini”.
However, on that computer using the GUI, on the BACKUP tab it says “mac” personal.
why is there a difference between the two? Thank you.

You should click “Mac mini” and change it to “mac”. If they are different then the license won’t work.

Thank you.
How can I change the name on the GUI?

You change the hostname on the LICENSE webpage: Log in required.

Yes, I have changed the name on the LICENSE webpage but the old name persists on the computer GUI. How do I “force” the computer to recognize the name I used on the LICENSE webpage?
Thank you.

It is the other way around. You change the host name on the LICENSE webpage to match the one shown on the BACKUP tab.

ok, got it.
Last questions - Is it possible to change the name on BACKUP tab?
Is the name on backup tab set on initial setup? I do recall the setup process.
Or do it need to start over with new install?

The name there is the hostname of your Mac computer. You’ll need to change the computer’s hostname in order to change it.

That is what I thought as well. However, in the settings/sharing menu, the computer is listed as “Mac mini”

Could it be the space between the two? All other computers on network see that one as “Mac mini”, via bonjour, etc.

Open terminal and type scutil --get ComputerName, or sudo scutil --get LocalHostName.

What you see in Sharing — that is Bonjour name. It does not have to match.

Thanks. Ran both and got Mac mini and Mac-mini respectively. See below.
Duplicacy still shows “mac” - so there is a disconnect between Duplicacy and localhostname?
Maybe I should just uninstall it and start over?

Last login: Thu Feb 18 12:12:09 on console

c@mac ~ % scutil --get ComputerName

Mac mini

c@mac ~ % sudo scutil --get LocalHostName


Your command prompt in Terminal is c@mac, which means the host name is mac.

What is the output of hostname in Terminal?

output of hostname in terminal is:
See output below:

c@mac ~ % hostname

This is consistent with what the BACKUP tab shows (only the first part is taken by Duplicacy). All you need to do is to change the host name from ‘Mac mini’ to ‘mac’ on the LICENSE page.