How about a discourse forum?


Duplicacy is great but this issue tracking forum isn’t. It’s a pity you can’t even search among existing issues… So I’d like to suggest to open a discourse forum instead. It would be a great tool to build a community around the product and to facilitate support.

I understand that you have private support tickets for commercial users in addition to this public space. That would be entirely possible with discourse too.

It runs in a docker container and is easy to set up on a low cost VPS.

What do you think?

Forum Search function?
Resuming interrupted backup takes hours (incomplete snapshots should be saved)

Other users have suggested discourse too in Search previously answered question.

This is something I’ll consider but currently it is of low priority.


Oh, that’s great! It didn’t occur to me that that very issue might have come up before… So I’ll answer in the other thread.

BTW: if this had been a discourse forum, I would have been automatically alerted to the other thread while I was typing mine… :wink: