How can I modify the mount folder of a repository?

My storage repository is configured at /media/me/DataHome2Tb and I want to move it to /mnt/backups/externalDisk.
I can’t find any way to modify the storage repsoitroy configuration.

How should I proceed to change the folder while keeping all the data/backups intact?

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I can not find how to do it nor in the UI nor searching in the files under ~/.duplicacy-web

% jq ".computers[0].repositories[0].path" < ~/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json

Hi Saspus,

Thanks for your reply. Already checked .duplicacy-web and does not matches with what I see in the web UI:

$ jq ".computers[].repositories[].path" < ~/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json

In the UI you can see “/media/ivan/Data1/Backups”, “/media/ivan/DataHome2Tb/backups/Omen”, and the sftp url.

Am I misunderstunding something?

I see where does the confusion come from.

The “repository” in duplicacy world is source data; stuff that gets backed up, not the storage that it gets backed up to.

You are on Storage tab in the UI. Those are backup destination, storage locations.

They are in .storages[] section in the json file. (I don’t have it in front of me right now, but something along those lines.)

However the easier way to accomplish what you want is to delete the storage location in the UI and add a new one with the same name, pointing to the new location.

Oh. I see my fault: I was looking in the wrong user settings :slight_smile:
I run duplicacy as root but I was checking my regular user’s config ~/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json

Thanks for pointing out the right solution.

About deleting and recreating the storage location, as far as I understand, when creating a new storage it ‘initializes’ the folder. My fear was that it might overwrite something in the folder and screweing up the backups.
Do you mean it does not screwes up the backups during the ‘initialization’ ?


If the storage is already initialized it will be adopted.

Imagine your computer burns in flames. How are you going to restore data on a new computer? You would install duplicacy, add existing storage, and run a restore.

Same deal.

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