How do I backup different file sets from same Backup-Source?

Hi Overthere,
I’m converting from Crashplan and am testing Duplicacy at the moment.

I’ve got a folder user-data which contains many files of differing content. Also there are archive-zips which I’d like to backup seperately from the whole bunch because they change seldom and are quite big.

I added one storage NAS which points to a folder on my NAS

I added two backup sets which are storing to that storage

“First” is set to user-dataas source, with

“Second” is set to user-dataas source, with

The first ran without probs and excluded the files. The second one isn’t starting at all while counting the revisions.

What am I missing?

You can create two dummy repositories, and then use the -repository option to point to the directory that you want to back up:

mkdir /path/to/dummy/repository
mkdir /path/to/dummy/repository/backup1
mkdir /path/to/dummy/repository/backup2

cd /path/to/dummy/repository/backup1
duplicacy init -repository /path/to/source backup1 storage_url
#edit .duplicacy/filters to add include/exclude patterns
duplicacy backup

cd /path/to/dummy/repository/backup2
duplicacy init -repository /path/to/source  backup2 storage_url
#edit .duplicacy/filters to add include/exclude patterns
duplicacy backup
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Thanks for your fast reply.

Your solution would work but I’d like to have the website-backups within my clients folders so I only have one single point of storage.

Only the backup job should differentiate between “website-backups” and “the rest”

Is that possible? Or am I missing sth regarding repository logic?

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