How do I best upgrade the engine from web gui?

I am running the web gui and want to be sure I am on the latest duplicacy backup code… how do i best do that and upgrade if necessary? thanks!

Restart the GUI. If there is new duplicacy CLI it will get downloaded.


But there is no way to do this on the web ui itself, right?

I’d love for Duplicacy to have a way to notify of an available upgrade (email from the web-ui engine?). It is a little annoying to have to constantly check

@gchen can you confirm that there is no way of restarting the web-ui in the web-ui?

When you make some changes to the startup options on the setting page and then click the Save button, the web GUI will restart itself and then reload the page. But that doesn’t always work, if for example you change the listening address or port number.

Oh. Does it physically exit the process and attempts to re-spawn _another instance_t? Or does it reinitialize stuff without exiting the process?

The former case is super dangerous – depending on how it was launched it may break things – like if launcher saved PID to e.g. throttle it. or if docker container tracks PID as a process liftime

Right now when saving new settings the web GUI will spawn another process and then exit. I agree this is bad and I’ll fix it in the next release.

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