How do I init a GCD that's encrypted?

I created the storage on Google Drive via GUI with a encryption key, let’s say it’s “abc”.

And now I want to use the CLI in a different mac machine to manage it (prune, check, etc)

How do I init this storage?

I’ve tried
duplicacy init test gcd://Backup/Duplicacy - key ‘abc’
→ RSA encryption can’t be enabled with an unencrypted storage
duplicacy init test gcd://Backup/Duplicacy -e ‘abc’
→ The init command requires 2 arguments.


You init it exactly the same way you have inited it on a first machine.

See the manual: init · gilbertchen/duplicacy Wiki · GitHub

Command options go after the command. Don’t put the password on the command line. Also quotes are wrong.

The command shall be duplicacy init -e test gcd://Backup/Duplicacy, or something along those lines.