How do you restore backup on a new computer in web ui?

Hi there, bit of a seriously simple question, Im just trying out duplicacy and have installed the trial on a windows machine. I have plugged in my external drive which has my duplicacy backup. I have gone to restore in web UI, but all I get is just a loading icon. No option to select my plugged-in hard drive.

Its all well and great backing up, but restore should be very simple to get started with. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to add the storage with a name and then restore that way or quite what? Would be awesome for duplicacy to just detect a hard drive used for duplicacy backups and can auto-add as storage and use the restore tab.

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You’ll need to add the storage where your existing backups are. After that you will be able to select the backup that you want to restore.

got it, thank you

maybe an enhanced feature could be added that when a duplicacy hard drive is plugged in and duplicacy is running, then duplicacy could auto-add the hard drive and then run a check.

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