How do you restore if you lost all your files?

For now I did not have to restore any files but what happens if all my drives fail? I install duplicacy and then add the storage and it will detect my previous backups or what I should do? Is there any duplicacy config that I should backup or something?


You shall save credentials to access storage, and any encryption keys if you have backup encryption enabled.

Password manager that replicates everywhere is a good place for that.

I would recommend going through the exercise of restoring a few files on a completely new machine (or new user account on the same machine) at least once, precisely to make sure you maintain access to all the keys and secrets.

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Must the config file be available in order to restore? I.e. should I back up the config file?

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did you manage to find an answer to this?

Yes, this config file is necessary for restoring any backups. However, the decision to keep a copy of this file depends on how much you trust your storage. If you think there is a chance that this file may get damaged or lost, then simply backing up this file alone is not sufficient. You’ll need to set up a secondary storage and use the copy command to make a copy of your primary storage.

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