How does duplicacy handle daily backups with files that change names?

Hey, I am wondering how duplicacy handles backup files that change names as an example, /backup/20240126 and tomorrows would be /backup/20240127. Most the information inside each directory will be exactly the same minus the few changes. I just recently had it go crazy as I forgot to use the exclude flag and it was backing up the .snapshot directory inside each directory and nesting them together and my 400GB backup was starting to take over 2 TB of space on my storage server.

More on my situation, I an using unraid with BTRFS and the snapshot plugin, it takes a snapshot each day and I am thinking of having 7 days of backups on the server, so if I backup the backup directory it will be pulling 7 days with the above file names, then since I will have the keep commands it will then keep something like this -keep 0:60 -keep 7:30 -keep 1:7. That could be an excessive amount of space. Any tips?

Only files content matters, not the names of files or their location, in the context of data deduplication.

Same data will produce mostly same chunks, you will only waste space on a metadata chunks describing the filesystem.

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