How to automatically update Web GUI Version

Hello Everyone,

I’ve installed the Web GUI Version as a systemd service on Debian and it works great. However I’m getting no notifications of updates and I have to manually check from time to time .

Is there a way to automate this update process with Duplicacy installed as a systemd service? Or, maybe I’m better off installing it as a docker container.

Thoughts appreciated.


There is no self-update, likely because of a million ways duplicacy can be running on a million of Linux flavors.

You have three possibilities

  • use container that auto updates on restart, and restart it periodically, say, monthly, when backups are not running
  • steal the updater code from the container and adapt it to updating your local instance and restarting the correct service your OS specific way
  • Do nothing, don’t auto-update: Not broken — don’t fix.

I personally vote for the latter.

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