How to clean up everything from Duplicacy Tests

I made some Test Backups with Duplicacy-UI.
No i want to delete everything to start at zero.

I deleted the backup tasks over the Web-UI and run a prune. But in the repository directory the chunks and snapshts are still there?

And also under: “C:\ProgramData.duplicacy-web\repositories\localhost” are directories (0/1/all) with subdirectories (chunk & snapshot) !?

Doesn’t this all get deleted automatically when i delete the backups via the Web-UI?

How do i get rid of all that now?

"C:\ProgramData.duplicacy-web\repositories\localhost” is basically a cache. You can delete this directory completely and everything will be recreated automatically.

To remove existing backups from the storage, you can go to the storage server (or the cloud web page if it is a cloud storage) and remove the storage directory.

Ok, thanks. I have now done this.
But under “Storage” i still see the snapshots under “Size/Revisions/Chunks”. How can i reset everything completely?

Remove the directory ~/.duplicacy-web/stats where all stats are saved. You’ll see all blank graphs.

Ah Ok, thanks again.
But you still have to restart the windows service afterwards, then everything is removed/at zero.

One more question: the duplicacy directories exist 3 times on my system:

c:\Users\All Users.duplicacy-web

For what?

c:\ProgramData.duplicacy-web: the config directory for the Duplicacy service

c:\Users\Alex.duplicacy-web: the config directory if you install and run the web GUI as user Alex

c:\Users\All Users.duplicacy-web: the config directory if you install the web GUI for all users

Ok, thanks for Info. Now it’s clear :pray:

It would be great if i could do such a reset also via the GUI :slightly_smiling_face:

Where are the config locations for Mac OS ARM?