How to disable snapshots?


I am loving Duplicacy so far (after trying everything else under the sun and being disappointed).

I want to use it effectively as a sync backup tool, where I only have one copy of my data backed up without any snapshots/versioning. There are a lot of reasons but primarily I don’t need to keep older versions of files and I want to minimise the amount of cloud storage space required.

Is there a way to do this (I am using the gui version right now)? Or are there recommended settings of the snapshots settings to effectively achieve the same thing?

Sorry if this was asked already - I did a search and couldn’t find an answer.

Thanks very much for your help.


Why not use sync tool, such as rclone instead if you don’t need versioning?

Also please note that what you are tying I do is not a backup. Think about what happens if your local file is corrupted. You will sync corruption overwriting the only good copy you have at the destination


That is a good idea if it turns out to be more trouble than it is worth to use Duplicacy the way I am trying to. I am enjoying the simplicity of the Duplicacy gui and I am looking for de-duplication, compression and encryption. Can rclone do that easily?

Thanks so much for the fast response!


Well, technically you can schedule pruning to delete all versions older than say 3 days, and you can do that in the UI - which will give you space saving and perhaps will be safer by at least giving you some backup history.

But unless you turn over half of your data daily and generate massive amounts of new unique data daily I don’t see how can you achieve any noticeable savings in storage cost doing so.


Thanks a lot. Yeah that actually makes a lot of sense. No I am not turning over that much data so I see your point about not achieving much benefit in space savings.

I will give it a go with the regular snapshot setting for a while and see how things look.

The prune snap shot options in the gui are a little confusing though - is there some more detail somewhere on how it all works?

For example, if I was only performing a backup once every 30 days, what are typical settings which would be recommended?


Here is the guide on prune with examples: Prune command details