How to edit config of schedules and backups in web UI?

I noticed my email notifications are no longer working, but the log reports email sent (it should probably report a failure if the FQDN could not be resolved).

I suspect it is because I changed the SMTP server FQDN, and I wanted to change the config to use an IP instead of FQDN, but I can’t figure out how to edit settings in the web UI?

If it is possible to edit settings for already configured backups, how?

If not, I can edit the JSON config file directly, where can I find docs on the config options?

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You can click the checkbox Send email after completion to disable it, and then click it again to bring up the configuration dialog and make changes. The same applied to the Send report after completion checkbox on the Backup page.

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Oh, that is nice to know. I thought it just wasn’t possible and kept recreating backups in order to edit them…

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