How to generate ssh keys in dupkicacy web ui docker container on unraid

I’ve just installed Duplicity Web UI docker container on unraid. Now I need to generate ssh keys from within the container. Can anybody tell me how to do this?

Why do you want to do that from duplicacy container?

What SSH keys are you trying to generate? How is this relevant to duplicacy?

I want to create two STFP Storages. When I point in the web ui to the rsa keyfile I have no permission to /root so I copied the keyfiles to a mapped folder with permissions and put the path into the gui but now I get the message “no key found”.

This is entirely different question though than what you originally asked.

You can create keyfiles on any other host. Then, copy the keyfiles in the folder on the host, that is mapped to the /config folder in the container (depending on which container are you using, that path can be different). Make sure the file has permissions allowing it to be read only by the user you configure duplicacy to run as.

Inside the container, the the keyfile will be visible under the /config folder

Ultimately, it may be easier to run duplicacy on unraid directly, without the container, to remove container-specific complexity.

okay then how do I install duplicacy directly on unraid?

Duplicacy is a monolithic executable, there are no dependencies, so no “installation” is required.

Copy it somewhere, e.g. /usr/local/bin (or whatever else appropriate location is for unraid), and configure the service manager to run it on boot, with the dependency on network and mount points you want to backup.

You may review this article how to accomplish this on Synology, and adapt it to unraid. They are both linux systems: Duplicacy Web on Synology Diskstation without Docker | Trinkets, Odds, and Ends. In the article there are example for upstart (in the body text) and systemd (in the comments, from kind users).

Thank you! That worked for me.

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