How to read the storage config

I have several storages, each with a different configuration. But I’ve lost track of the different configs. Is there any way I can read the configuration from the config files to see the settings (esp. chunk size)?

Just open the config files in a text editor of your choice, it’s all plain text.

"compression-level": 100,
"average-chunk-size": 4194304,
"max-chunk-size": 16777216,
"min-chunk-size": 1048576,

The config file is a plain text file if the storage is unencrypted. Otherwise, you can run the command duplicacy -d list which will show details about the config file:

Reading the environment variable DUPLICACY_PASSWORD
Reading password from keychain/keyring
Using 16384 iterations for key derivation
Chunk read levels: [1], write level: 1
Compression level: 100
Average chunk size: 4194304
Maximum chunk size: 16777216
Minimum chunk size: 1048576
Chunk seed: b3b59a5d107b5aadb61218b0423e38f197c7b57d7c0fd2da635438fcb2784cd0
Reading the environment variable DUPLICACY_PASSWORD
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Yet another undocumented option? Or did I miss something?

Did you mean the -d option? It is listed in Global options details, although this page is a pretty recent addition.