How to reset Web UI password on NAS/Linux device?

I replaced a NAS and moved the hard drives from the old device. I found instructions for moving the license ([Move Duplicacy & Licence])(Move Duplicacy & Licence), but I’m unable to login into the Web UI on the new NAS:

Failed to decrypt the testing data using the supplied password: cipher: message authentication failed

How do I reset the Web UI password on Linux?

You can remove the encryption_data key in the .duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json file. This will reset the master password. But, storage credentials are still encrypted by the old password and you won’t be able to decrypt them with the new password. Therefore, you’ll need to remove all storages and recreate them with the same names.

I didn’t need/want to change the Web UI password. Removing .duplicacy-web/keyring allowed me to enter the old master and administration passwords, and everything appears to work OK without recreating the storages. Does that make sense?

Right, this should work. I thought you forgot the old master password and needed to reset it.

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