How to restore from Onedrive

I’d like to be able to restore repository from Onedrive storage to a different computer. How to init that new repository - token, password etc?

The details can be found in this #how-to : Restore to a different folder or computer.

You need to init the repository on a new computer, just like you normally would, and then do the restore.

Than means you need to have the same password, same repository-id and the one-drive token file (which you can copy from the existing repository as it’s just the means to login with One drive – instead of using your microsoft username and password).

That’s the thing: on “main” machine where I’m making backups I have paid-for GUI version and I init repository for backup by clicking buttons. By now I’m familiar with the process. On the second machine (where I want to restore) I only have CLI and I didn’t find any info how to init the repository (from CLI) for restoring from Onedrive.

Most of the support here is for CLI and we tried really hard to make this forum easily searchable for this reason.
Seems like we’re still up for some work :pensive:.

Anyway if you’re quite used to the GUI version, may i suggest you try to install the GUI on the second machine as well, even though it’s only the trial version? I think you can restore with that version.

Well, I did install trial version on that machine and I made sure that I CAN restore using it. However from the log file I cannot see exact commands related to Onedrive storage. If a month from now I will have to restore some other repository, what I’m going to do? GUI trial will expire by then.

Do you agree it is only reasonable to have tested restore instruction/procedure for “future-self” like this:

  1. Download CLI if it’s not on the machine
  2. Create empty folder
  3. Login to OneDrive, download token file
  4. init repository using the following command(s) … (undocumented?)
  5. restore repository using the following command … (this one is documented)

This is also documented: Init command details.
And the suported storages are in another #how-to : Supported storage backends.
And there’s also the tag #init which searches through all the issues related somehow to the init command (there be :unicorn: ) .

So the init command should be

  • with storage encryption:
duplicacy.exe init -e the_repository_id one://the/path/to/your/storage
  • without storage encryption:
duplicacy.exe init the_repository_id one://the/path/to/your/storage

And i almost forgot: one duplicacy user created some video tutorials for CLI as well: Duplicacy - Restore video tutorial


Oh, I see now, after watching video - the password and token location will be requested interactively at command line in response to INIT command, right? And that’s when one:/ url is going to be mapped to specific storage location using provided token?

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