How to restore from scratch?



Suppose the backup source (repository?), is totally lost e.g. stolen laptop, how would one go about restoring to a new machine?

What information, if any, beyond what is recorded on the backup medium, needs to be saved/known to do the restore?

(Note: I’m not actually facing this situation (yet))

Restore a USB drive

First you need to find out the repository id. You can find a snapshots directory on the storage, and each repository id is saved as a subdirectory under snapshots.

Of course you’ll also need the encryption password if the storage is encrypted.

Now on the new computer you can choose any directory to be the new repository; the name of the directory does not matter.

cd path\to\new\repository
duplicacy init repository_id storage_url

You’ll need to add the -e option if the storage is encrypted.

Now run this command to restore whichever revision you like:

duplicacy restore -r 1


I just followed your instructions to do some tests to ensure the backup and restore work. (it worked, btw)

Since I’ve init another repo on another machine, which I don’t plan to do anything further, how can I clean up the residual/records of this another machine on Wasabi (which I use for my backup)?