How to Restore From Web (Double Fail)

Hi! I have followed the Duplicacy guide for the web UI version and I am unable to restore to the original repo location or one outside of it (Desktop). I am using Backblaze B2 for my cloud storage.

Here I have deleted the original folder I am attempting to restore from B2. I am told “All files to be restored are up-to-date”, however the files in the original location clearly are not present. Nothing happens.

2023-03-15 13:21:23.812 INFO SNAPSHOT_FILTER Loaded 0 include/exclude pattern(s)
2023-03-15 13:21:23.997 INFO RESTORE_START Restoring C:/Users/user/Music/+ Test Compare to revision 2
2023-03-15 13:21:23.997 INFO RESTORE_END Restored C:/Users/user/Music/+ Test Compare to revision 2
2023-03-15 13:21:23.997 INFO RESTORE_STATS Files: 0 total, 0 bytes
2023-03-15 13:21:23.997 INFO RESTORE_STATS Downloaded 0 file, 0 bytes, 0 chunks
2023-03-15 13:21:23.997 INFO RESTORE_STATS Skipped 0 file, 0 bytes
2023-03-15 13:21:23.997 INFO RESTORE_STATS Total running time: 00:00:01

The folder I am trying to restore is obviously missing form its original location. Two folders showing, there needs to be three.

In this case I am attempting to download the folder of files I want to a location outside of the original repo (i.e. my Desktop). Again nothing downloads.

Following the guide I have done what it is asking yet nothing restores to any location. I am using the 30-day trial version to evaluate this.

How is this supposed to work? Thanks.

I have whitelisted Duplicacy in Windows Defender, I have disabled Ublock from running.

The spaces in the directory to be restored caused the CLI to fail the restore. A workaround is to enter +*Test*Compare/* to the restore options.

I don’t know about that. When your guide says “Now you can highlight the file or directory that you want to restore”, perhaps you want to add a caveat that if your filename or folder name contains spaces you need to use wildcards to have anything download.

Even when I use your wildcard search of +*Test*Compare/* I need to even add wildcards to the real name of the #Restore1 folder. For example:


With similar folder names it becomes a handwritten nightmare to type the correct folder name separated by forward slashes and wildcards.

How do people normally restore single folders and files with space? Do they skip the GUI and use the CMD line version of Duplicacy to tab their way through names?

Is it normal for people to use wildcards in the above options field every time?

Does no one use spaces in naming?

Can you make your software download folders and files without the need for wildcards and slashes in the case of having spaces please?

I have many directories with space and i don’t have problem for restoring them.

In your screenshot i see “Music + Test Compare”. Your case seems particular because you use space AND special characters such as “+”

I think using such combination of space and special characters for file name or directory name is not very wise, it is a bit like shooting yourself in the foot

“+” “-” are used by Duplicacy also to include and exclude files and folders from backup.

Thank you Azerty, I watched you post that helpful bit in real time. Yes, I tried it with a folder not starting with ‘+’ and it downloaded just fine.

I use ‘+’ to help sort folders to the top when alphabetical. I’ll change my workflow to another symbol Duplicacy doesn’t use.

Thank you!

Recommendation for @gchen: If the options field is left blank perhaps do not parse symbols from folder/filenames as options to the CLI.

Otherwise thank you for the software. I like it.

@AZERTY is right. Directories with spaces should be fine. It is the leading ‘+’ character that caused the issue.

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