How to restore just last modified files

I’ve evaluated restore, diff and list commands, and I haven’t yet figured out how to best resolve this situation:

Use case:
Several Tb stored into a cloud storage (the upload took a while…);
Daily modifications to multiple files in multiple folders;
Backup running daily to cloud storage (few Mb) smoothly;
Backup running “every few days” (say weekly) to a local storage (external HD).

Then your internal HD dies …

No problem, just do a full restore from the last backup of the external HD.

And then we come to the point of doubt: how to restore from the cloud storage only the files modified in the last days (after the last backup to the external HD)? Because it will not be practical to restore the entire repository from the cloud storage backup (several Tb).

Remembering that the files to be restored are in several subfolders.

I haven’t yet visualized the best way to do this …

The restore is incremental, so a restore from the cloud after a full store from the external HD should only download files changed after the backup to the external HD.


So it’s simpler and straightforward than I thought. Thanks for the orientation Gilbert!