How to run duplicacy list -files command in Web-ui

I was creating a listing of all of the files that were included in my backups each week with the CLI command:duplicacy list -files.

I don’t see a way to run this and it would seem not to be an option to add at the end of a job. I looked at using the app in the bin folder (Arch Linux), but it doesn’t see the initialized repository.

I am trying to avoid keeping both the CLI and Web-ui.

The Web-ui runs the CLI. If you get rid of the CLI the web-ui won’t work…

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I know. But I don’t see a way to run the list command. The web-ui has its own cli that I can’t make run that command on the respective repository that the web-ui establishes.

Looking at your answer again, i realized I just had to look at the logs to see where the web-ui runs its cli and use the commands at that directory. Tried it and it works fine. Thanks.

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