How to save changes to settings in GUI

I have a real problem trying to save changes to the setting in the GUI. It is really frustrating me now. I have set up several backup Jobs, mostly with a schedule. However when I want to change the setting so that the Job does not run on a schedule, the GUI never save the changes. If I then Quit the GUI and restart it, the Job is again set on a schedule (i.e. the GUI does not save the latest setting change). Then I always have to manually go and stop the Jobs set for schedule every time I start/reboot the computer.

What to do?

Win10 Pro x64
GUI: 2.1.0 Beta 4

Cheers and thanks

Currently the settings are only saved when the Repository is selected or the Start button is clicked. Yes, they should be saved in a few other places including when the scheduler box is checked/unchecked. I’ll fixed it in the Beta.

Has this been implemented?

This has been fixed in the final 2.1.0 version.

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