How to specify log file names?

I’m on Linux if it matters.
Trying to follow this advice, but I think he only got it to work because he’s using duplicacy CLI.

In the web-UI … what options would I need to use in order to be able to specify the log file name?
Every job log looks like this backup-20210112-210400.log
which is super unhelpful since I have no idea which job each log is for.

Basically I’m looking to be able to name the logs like this.

I’ve tried the following with no luck. The job just instantly fails.

Command Options =

Global Options =

This would certainly be useful (either with index-id or job-name - better), this functionality has already been commented on here a few times.

while that would be useful, that’s not what I’m after. I specifically wish to specify the name of the log file, not what content goes into it.

But my suggestion is also for the name of the log file. The difference is that you suggested using the name of the job

and I suggested using the index id:

Your suggestion is better.

technically my [name of job] was just arbitrary highlighting that I’d like to be able to call the log files anything I want.
But being able to use a variable name like the actual name of the job from duplicacy would be cool too.
Mainly, I’m asking for the ability to specify a switch or some additional pipe in the options within the web-ui of duplicacy that would allow me to name the log files whatever I want. If I wanted to name the log file backup-the_dumbest_log_file_name_on _the_planet.log I could, so long as that is what I specified in the options.