I’m new to duplicacy and new to wasabi s3

  • Fresh installation of web based duplicacy on windows 10 professional
  • created a user and a bucket on wasabi
  • Defined a backup job

Backup fails with

Running backup command from C:\Users\*****/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/1 to back up C:/Users/******/Pictures
Options: [-log backup -storage photos -threads 4 -stats]
2021-05-22 14:33:12.766 INFO REPOSITORY_SET Repository set to C:/Users/******/Pictures
2021-05-22 14:33:12.766 INFO STORAGE_SET Storage set to wasabi://********/******
2021-05-22 14:33:12.993 ERROR STORAGE_NOT_CONFIGURED The storage has not been initialized
The storage has not been initialized

a config file is created in the bucket,

"compression-level": 100,
"average-chunk-size": 4194304,
"max-chunk-size": 16777216,
"min-chunk-size": 1048576,
"fixed-nesting": true,
"DataShards": 0,
"ParityShards": 0,
"chunk-seed": "******************",
"hash-key": "******************",
"id-key": "******************",
"chunk-key": "",
"file-key": "",
"rsa-public-key": ""


I deleted the config file in the bucket, no new one is created when I retry the backup.

Is your computer’s clock correct? An incorrect clock can cause this problem.

The config file can only be recreated if you delete the storage and then add the storage again with the same name.

As far as I know my clock is correct, don’t know how to check for possible difference with wasabi servers.

I did check the post Storage not initialized when clock is off]([SOLVED] Storage not initialized when clock is off) but don’t know which curl command could be used for testing.

curl doesn’t alway report the error with an incorrect clock. At least in my test it still downloaded the config file correctly when the clock was off by one hour.

This is how you can troubleshoot it. In a DOS prompt window run these commands:

cd C:\Users\*****/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/1
..\..\..\bin\duplicacy_win_x64_2.6.2.exe -d info wasabi://********/******

It should output the error message.