How to view files currently being uploaded?

Hello, in the web GUI I can see the transfer speed of various ongoing backups but I can’t view which is the current filename being uploaded, a feature I greatly miss from CrashPlan.

Is there a way to check this via the command line whilst the backup jobs are already running?

You can add -d as a global option to the backup job which will show you what files are currently being ‘packed’ in the log file. Due to a delay in the browser when opening a log file you won’t see these logs in real-time (which will be fixed in the next release), but you can word around it by opening the log file in a command line window.

On linux I use the “progress” utility, available in most repos. Something like progress -M -c 'duplicacy_linux_x64_2.7.1' or whatever the name of the binary is.

Hmm I added -d in Global Options via the GUI like below but when I checked ~/.dupliacy-web/duplicacy-web/logs/backup-20201112-140016.log and ~/.dupliacy-web/duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log it didn’t have this info. Anything else I can try to get it working?

Progress utility only shows the writing to the log file when I tested with that command.

Did you see log messages like this (in backup-20201112-140016.log)?

2020-11-12 23:04:50.879 TRACE PACK_START Packing file2

Ah yes I do see it now, I saw a lot of other messages there but by searching for that I can see the files being uploaded. Thanks!

It would be nice in the future to see the current file being uploaded be exposed in the GUI ideally, or maybe a CLI option rather than digging through log files by the way.

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