Hubic support status

I came across this while looking for an alternative to Duplicati for backing up to Hubic. However in the web UI, the Storage option doesn’t seem to have an option for Hubic. Is Hubic still supported?

Hubic is supported by the CLI but in web GUI there isn’t a way to create a Hubic storage.

Thanks. If I figure out the CLI to set up Hubic backups, will I then be able to manage them via the web UI for automated backups and doing restores, or does everything then have to be CLI?

You can try creating a storage of a different type and then modify the storage url in ~/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json. The main obstacle is to pass the hubic token to the CLI. The web GUI doesn’t do this so you may need to manually run the CLI once in a terminal from the repository under ~/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/all in order to get the token file path stored in the OS-specific keychain/keyring.

I haven’t tested this method and it is not guaranteed to work.