I can't change my account email because it uses Google's SSO :(

When i first signed up, i must’ve selected my Google account. This is unusual because i don’t normally do that. I’m killing off my Google account and have gone elsewhere. Does anyone know how i can change my account details here? It says the SSO provider can do it, but i don’t think so if it means disassociating it entirely from them.

Accounts on the forum are managed by duplicacy.com. Unfortunately the email can’t be changed because it is used as the id of the account. So you’ll have to create a new account if you don’t want to use your gmail address any more.

Damn. I’ve had to create a new account to buy licenses :frowning: What will happen when the emails from this account start to bounce? Will it delete my content?

Shame i can’t carry over my saves etc or move to a different email.

Literally nothing will happen. That email is just a login to Acrosync account. The license that was sent to that your address you already have. Once it expires - use another license, from whatever account you want.

What content? And who “it”?

My forum content. I figured when the emails start to bounce (soon) and this login is disused for x time it might remove the account, presumably not its posts. It’s just a real pain that i have to ‘start over’.

It’s irritating, i hate leaving things lying around (so to speak). But i will have to live with it i suppose.