I don't understand some tags!


What’s the difference between #config and #preferences?

What’s the difference between #wikifiy (i expect this means “make me a how to”) and #how-to (i expect this means “make me a how to” as well)

What’s the use for #command and #test?

What is the need for the #duplicacy tag Topics tagged duplicacy? This forum is about Duplicacy.


To better understand the meaning of the tags, check out the tags page where they are listed in groups.

#config refers to the duplicacy config file and #preferences to the duplicacy preferences file.

I tried to keep the tags as short as possible, but I see that this entails that their meaning may not be entirely clear…


i dont even know what config file you’re referring to :))

Ah, scratch that, you mean the config file which is located in the storage.

Frankly, i think #config isn’t needed.
Mabe even #preferences could be left out. (or at least renamed to #preferences-file?)

Let’s leave them out for now, and just add them laters if needed.


The tag now has some topics, so you can check them out…